Labelexpo Europe 2015 – Walking the “Linerless Trail”

BELGIUM • Minimal 50% savings on process, transport and storage costs; 100% reduction of waste and removal costs. These are some crucial elements that summarizes linerless labelling that can be experienced at Labelexpo Europe 2015 by waling the Linerless Trail.

The basic concept of this approach is the cooperation between different parties within the label industry. Together they promote the linerless label before and during the Labelexpo show in Brussels. These participants represent different disciplines in the label industry chain. Appvion (Paper), Bostik (Adhesives), Evonik (Silicones), Henkel (Adhesives), Maan Engineering (Coating technology) MPS (Printing Technology), Novamelt (Adhesives), Ravenwood Packaging (Coating Technology, Applicators and Linerless Labels), Ricoh (Paper) and SATO (Applicators) form together a team to promote the linerless technology.

A linerless label is basically a (pre-printed) pressure sensitive label. Before being processed, these labels are equipped with an adhesive layer and a liner so they don’t stick to each other on the roll. The underside of the label is made up of the liner. This is the sheet that forms the underside of the label and ensures that the self-adhesive label does not stick to the other labels. The topside of this liner has a release coating that ensures that the adhesive layer on the basic material does not remain stuck to the liner. On the release coating is the label. This comprises a basic material of paper or foil equipped on the underside with a self-adhesive layer of glue and on the topside with a top coating that serves as either protection or decoration. A linerless label has the same properties as a pressure sensitive label, but the release coating and the liner are eliminated. There are now tested applicators for various applications available on the market which will be presented by the participants of the Linerless Trail at the forthcoming Labelexop Europe show. (

Armin Karl Geiger

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