Laserclean – Anilox roller cleaning with laser now available for narrow web

Laserclean ALCS 1000S roller cleaned (Source: Laserclean)

ITALY • At Print4All in Milan, from May 29th to June 1st , Dutch company Laserclean introduces a new laser cleaning machine specifically designed for cleaning of narrow web anilox rollers.

The Laserclean Narrow Web laser cleaning machine ALCS 1000S is a compact system, easy to use, maintenance free, environmental friendly, and most importantly, cleans rollers excellently. Chain wheels and bearings do not need removal and after cleaning the roller can be used immediately. The cleaning cycle is so speedy (average roller ready in less than 7 minutes) that one can choose to use laser cleaning only, hereby saving on chemical cleaning substances.


After Print4All customers can order an ALCS 1000S cleaning machine to keep their rollers in optimal condition. This innovative system is affordable and one will notice that laser cleaning is the most sustainable and economical method for cleaning of Anilox rollers with no consumables such as granulates, chemicals, or water needed. Moreover, the highest printing quality can be achieved because laser cleaning restores both the surface tension of the roller and maximizes cell volumes, which in turn lowers ink usage.

Demand for high quality printing increases, and to achieve high quality printing a deep clean roller is essential. However, nowadays traditional cleaning methods are no longer sufficient because of increased line-count and decreased cell volumes in rollers, causing significant quality issues for many printers, comments the company in its latest press release.

Laserclean specializes in laser cleaning of Anilox rollers since 2003, celebrating her 25 year anniversary this year. With the arrival of the Laserclean ALCS 1000S for Narrow Web a new era started for efficient and affordable laser cleaning. Laserclean invites you to Print4All, or contact us and share your business case.

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