Lejeune Association Management: Acquires ISO 9001 certificate

THE NETHERLANDS Lejeune Association Management as one of the first Dutch association management companies (AMC) has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. The accreditation was done by Certiked, part of Lloyd’s Register in Rotterdam, on the basis of the Certiked Model. Certiked has translated the requirements of ISO 9001 into the practice of knowledge intensive service providers.

On 23 January Managing Director Sandra Henke of Certiked officially presented the ISO certificate to the counterpart Jules Lejeune of the accredited AMC. Lejeune is one of the two companies in its own sector to have become ISO 9001 certified. The certification register of Certiked mentions a broad range of service providers including consultants, educational institutes, law firms, financial service providers, healthcare providers and non-profit organisations. And as stated also companies engaged in professional association management.

“The core of our services is still the same as when my father started the company in 1964. The circumstances however have changed a lot over the past five decades. Sectors are consolidating and national and trade boundaries are shifting or disappearing altogether. Volunteers are becoming a precious resource. The new generation has a different attitude towards the purpose of associations. Association services are facing increasing competition from commercial service providers. And freely available information on the web as well as the on-going development of internet technology have forever changed the playing field for associations.” says Jules Lejeune.

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Andreas Keller

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