Marabu: Premiere at InPrint 2014

GERMANY Showing UV-curable, solvent and water-based printing inks combined with in-depth industrial know-how, Marabu has met with great interest among visitors at InPrint 2014, an industrial print show held in Hanover, April 8-10.

The company gave visitors an insight into the versatility and respective benefits of screen, digital, and pad printing. In general, a clear trend to digital printing was identifiable during the show. Therefore, a very special interest was given to solutions with UV-LED-curable inkjet inks. However, the selection of the suitable printing technology is not as easy as it looks like. The different properties of substrates and requirements such as chemical and mechanical resistance, light fastness, opacity, gloss and colour brilliance or odours remain crucial. For printing on PET bottle closures, for example, Marabu’s pad printing ink TampaRotaSpeed TPRS or the halogen-free TPHF are suitable for rotary systems. High adhesion and rapid drying mean seamless production processes and finished products that are scratch-resistant, even when packaged in bulk. Before replacing pad printing technology by digital printing in this case, it needs to be clarified to what extend the inkjet solution can guarantee the same resistance and light fastness as the traditional pad printing technology.



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