Martin Automatic: Rewinders with expanded diagnostics

LRD automatic transfer rewinder from Martin Automatic

USA Martin Automatics newest model in the LRD line of rewinders for paper, film, labelstock and light paperboard has expanded diagnostics, and a new touch screen control that includes recipe functions. The company states that operators can now store and recall the winding parameters of repeat jobs quickly and easily. The optional inline slitter package is now expanded to offer lateral adjustment of the slitter and anvil roller assembly for quicker set-up, fine-tuning and changeover between jobs.  The LRD offloads finished rolls automatically via one of several standard doffing ramp designs, without the need of a cart, or with an articulating arm that delivers through the side of the unit.

The STR is a compact two-spindle automatic transfer rewinder for film, paper and label stock, and is available with a servo drive option. The servo model delivers increased capabilities for specialised narrow-web applications requiring very low winding tensions and expanded taper tension control.

Nick Coombes

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