Masterwork Graphic Equipment: New MK1450ER die cutter

MK1450ER die cutter from Masterwork Graphic Equipment

UK Masterwork Graphic Equipment launched MK1450ER, large format die-cutter with stripping and blanking facilities to be made by a Chinese company.

The new die-cutter can be used with carton board, from 0.1 – 2.0 mm (90 – 2,000 gsm) and will handle corrugated board up to 5 mm thick. The machine can die-cut up to 1,450 x 1,050 mm with an accuracy of ± 0.15 mm and provides a maximum die-cutting force of 600 metric tons. The sophisticated non-stop feeder precisely controls stock taken from the pile, which can be as high as 1,600 mm, and ensures that sheets are presented into the die cutting unit in exactly the right position.

The fast speeds attainable with the MK1450ER are aided by the new design of gripper registration used in the die-cutter, which has not only improved throughput speed but resulted in even greater stability of stock as it moves through the unit. The cutting chase has a pneumatic bi-directional locking device while the lower supporting plate also has a pneumatic lock up system.

Sheets continue to be very tightly controlled as they enter the stripping and blanking unit, which is simple and quick to set up. Waste is removed automatically by the system. The maximum delivery pile height is 1,350 mm and the delivery section can collect finished products or whole sheets. If required, jobs can be split into batches, which can be pre-set at the start of the run.

Andreas Keller

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