Mitsubishi Hitec Paper: Investing in the future


GERMANY. The manufacturer of coated specialty papers is continuing along its path of optimisation of existing product lines, focus on innovative new products and the resulting closeness to its markets and is investing almost EUR 5 million in technical production equipment and the optimisation of energy processes. At the same time the number of personnel has been increased in Sales and in Research & Development.

The investment of EUR 3.2 million in technical production equipment refers to the optimisation of the coating machines in Bielefeld. The objectives are improvements in quality and productivity and a more flexible use of the highly advanced coating systems with different parts of the product range.

The optimisation of energy processes is being achieved by investing a total of EUR 1.6 million in new cooling systems. Investments in both locations in Bielefeld and Flensburg allow more energy efficient use of process cooling, thus supporting the company’s goal of protecting the environment.

Andreas Keller

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