MPS – Assembling presses in North America

Left to right: Scott Rauscher (EMT), Paul Rauscher (EMT), Wim van den Bosch (MPS), Bert van den Brink (MPS) and Kees Nijenhuis (MPS)

USA • MPS Systems North America Inc. and EMT International in Green Bay, WI, have partnered for assembling MPS printing presses in the United States and for developing new customized press solutions for the North American market. According to Kees Nijenhuis, Vice President of MPS Systems North America Inc., this arrangement will give customers a shorter delivery time on their orders as well as more customized solutions specifically fitting the needs of the North American market.

EMT International is a manufacturer of quality equipment for the printing, converting, paper and document processing industries. The company began operations in the 1930s as a tool and die shop for the paper mills and paper converting facilities in Northeast Wisconsin. Today it is a premier manufacturer of finishing equipment and web transports for the digital/ink jet market with nearly 200 employees.

Armin Karl Geiger

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