MPS – Supports of local university talent with printed pattern art project

Marjolein Linders showing her art printed with MPS EF flexo and EF Symjet hybrid press

THE NETHERLANDS • Following MPS’s move to new headquarters in Arnhem, the company commissioned a local art student from the ArtEZ University of the Arts to create and execute a printed art design project for the new building’s decor. Marjolein Linders was the selected candidate for the project, and her creative art designs were printed on MPS presses.

After sharing what MPS envisioned in the project, she designed an abstract art pattern with a range of layers for final print on a flexo press. By combining four print sleeves with six printing colours (CMYK, red and blue), she found a way to create over a thousand variations of the original pattern. The printed patterns could be framed, applied as wallpaper, combined with other paintings or converted into shrink sleeves and labels. The designs were printed on both the MPS EF flexo press and the hybrid EF SYMJET press, using a variety of colours and applications such as cold foiling. The printed art was used to decorate the offices, hallways and walls throughout the new MPS building and is enjoyed daily by employees and visitors to MPS. More information about Marjolein is available on her website at

Armin Karl Geiger

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