Müller Martini – Production of printing presses will be terminated

The Müller Martini VSOP offset label printing press

GERMANY • Müller Martini terminates the production of printing presses until the first half of 2015. The production facility at Maulburg will be switched into a service company for the already installed presses.

According to Müller Martini, continuous declines in sales obliged them to take these strong measure. Despite massive short time working, they didn’t succeed to compensate diminishing turnovers. To counteract the shrinking market for presses for commercial printing, the company moved into new areas of business.

They targeted to establish the use of infinite repeat length offset printing presses for the printing of labels and flexible packaging. According to Bruno Müller, CEO for Müller Martini, these ambitious efforts did not prove fully successful. In the future, apart from services, they will focus on converting equipment.

Up to 80 employees may be affected by this measures. Müller Martini stated, that socially acceptable solutions will be offered to them.

Armin Karl Geiger

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