Itasa: Multi-million investment

SPAIN. In an investment-based growth strategy, the company has dedicated nearly EUR 30 million over the past five years to the acquisition of cutting-edge technology machines and facilities expansion.

This has resulted in a notable increase in their competitiveness in the siliconised paper manufacturing industry, a sector in which the company has been the largest investor in productive capacity improvements. On the verge of celebrating their 40th anniversary, Itasa has increased their converting capacity with the purchase of two Euromac slitter rewinders this year.


This investment follows one made in 2012 installing a flexo press (800 m/min [2625 fpm]) to meet the growing needs of industries such as the graphic arts, requiring increased personalisation. In this same year, Itasa also incorporated a new packaging line, optimising their supply chain and improving customer service.

Similarly, at the end of 2011, the company invested in a fourth silicone coating machine ( BMB), having a velocity of 1000 m/min (3280 fpm) to a width of 1650 mm (65”), allowing Itasa to manufacture a wide range of widths, up to 2300 mm (90.5”) and providing them with the flexibility to offer the most competitive market prices, producing up to 600 million sqm (6,458 million sqft) annually.

After duplicating their facility’s surface area in 2010, Itasa will once again expand their installations by the end of this year, in order to accommodate future incorporations in their sales and administrative teams. This expansion has not been in vain, as over the past few years, the Spanish company has continually increased their export level to reach 80% of their total production.

Finally, Itasa has invested in a new information management system (ERP) to be put in place in January of 2014, allowing customers to see the status of their orders at any time. Itasa, employing 110 individuals and having increased their business by 40% over the past five years, has also made a notable investment in the reduction of environmental impact from their activity, an effort that has been recently recognised with their ISO 14001 certification.

The Spanish company has directed a cooperative consisting of various industry companies, directed at the collection, separation and sending of generated waste to be recycled and reprocessed. The recently obtained certification recognises the commitment made by Itasa since its inception, to contribute to a sustainable economy.

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