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FINLAND. A website offering to the pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) value chain information and easy access to the company’s paper liner recycling programme has been launched. This initiative provides label printers, brand owners and retailers with a sustainable end-oflife option for paper release liners once they have been used as carriers of PSA labels. Full Circle is a closed-loop recycling programme.

It collects silicone- coated glassine release papers and recycles them into the production of new paper. Paper release liners are collected free of charge in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, through one or more logistic partners. Developed in English, French and German, the new website makes it easier to share information about the Full Circle initiative with label printers and end-users.

It provides details about the program and enables companies to submit their recycling needs online and get a quick feedback on the adequate logistic solution. »Any end-user of PSA labels is welcome to use our Full Circle recycling service, regardless of the origin of the release paper or labelstock laminate. At Munksjö, we are strongly committed to support the labelling industry growing their business in a sustainable way.

We believe that, together, we have a unique opportunity to increase the amount of paper release liner which is recycled and to divert waste from landfill or incineration. Renewable, biodegradable, recyclable paper is a supremely sustainable material to contribute to a greener future«, comments Marco Martinez, Product Manager, Release Liners and Sustainability.

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