NarrowWebTech issue 1-2018: Three amazed elks in Sweden

February issue 1-2018 of NarrowWebTech is out now (Source: G&K TechMedia)


There was, indeed, a remarkable incident at our latest business trip. A colleague and myself were travelling through Denmark and Sweden visiting companies, such as a label printing press manufacturer and a surface treatment manufacturer, both based in Denmark (p. 48-50) as well as two doctor blades manufacturers based in Sweden.

Like other Skandinavian countries Sweden is known for its materials, such as paper or metal. But all maniacs of Northern countries know Sweden for its dark and its extensive forests, its wonderful and deep blue, crystal-clear lakes, and the great vastness. And not to forget animals, such as elks. Yes, indeed, it is still unbelieveable that three elks – these large, typically Nordic animals – were standing all of a sudden close to a forest area just a hundred metres distance away of our car. At least this appearance (too short and shy for a good, printable picture) of three elks standing motionless in the middle of Sweden gives us even more reason to be Scandinavia enthusiasts. Even now, I can see it in my mind’s eye.


Globalized world

Coming back to the label and package printing industry, this week in Scandinavia not only proved, how easily scared animals are. It showed one more time how globalized our world is in the year 2018. Jules LeJeune from FINAT comments on the occasion of the March technical seminar: “The world is changing: growing geographically smaller through globalisation, and universally bigger via the clouds. In this complex value chain, the challenges that face participants at all levels today are massive.” [More details to the FINAT Technical Seminar 2018 find in this post]

During our Northern Europe trip, a manager told us in a quite intense conversation, how a single incident can occur more than a single industry. For example, a fire incident in Finland, in January 2017, at a titanium dioxide manufacturing facility still have impact for example on the ink industry – in a time, where the price situation for raw material is already tight. There, 10% of total European demand was produced until then, thus, there is especially a price increase for colours like white containing titanium dioxide.

[Editorial comment: From now on our BPIF labels section is available as free download – more details find here!]

“At a glance”

So, what does the increasing globalization means for me as an editor? First, I am even more keen to cover the range of developments, changing requirements and opions. Second, as it is important to stay creative in your mind, NarrowWebTech starts a new format called “At a glance” (p. 15). No, it is not another content page. This new page aims to give our readers the most interesting “small facts” in this issue and online on Our new element will try to let think you out of the box.  What do you think? Do you like it? Or – more interesting – what do you not like? (You want to see this new part?  Download the February issue of NarrowWebTech  in our shop.)

Feel free to express your opinion  also on other elements of our February issue of NarrowWebTech. I am looking forward for your email, your tweet or – for traditionalists – even a hand-written letter per mail.

Sincerely yours,

Rosina Obermayer
Editor NarrowWebTech

Topics in NarrowWebTech issue 1-2018 include:

  • Networked production / automation in label printing
  • PDF 2.0 – a game changer in narrow web printing?
  • Recycling of self-adhesive labels
  • 2018′ Survey among label printers & converters and associations: What is happening in the label industry?
  • Labelexpo Southeast Asia
  • Market data: Global demand for labels

You can order the February issue of NarrowWebTech, 1-2018, as usual as printed or digital version in the shop of G&K TechMedia.

February issue 1-2018 of NarrowWebTech is out now (Source: G&K TechMedia)


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