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Order now the printed issue of NarrowWebTech 2-17 in our shop! (Source: G&K)

Digital issue for free requested?

The magazine NarrowWebTech can be read now as a digital version. How is this possible? A publishing house known for its printed issues wanting to push the digital subscriptions of its magazines?

Yes, indeed, the trade magazine NarrowWebTech is now available as a digital download from the G&K TechMedia online shop. This means real time savings, particularly for readers of our international trade publications like NarrowWebTech and Flexo & Gravure Gobal. All of the content in any new issue is available online immediately after the publication date.

The reasons for this carefully chosen approach are obvious and it offers mutual benefits for all parties involved: for you as readers because articles can be read immediately after publication and therefore the full content of each issue is just a “click away”.

For us as publishers, it opens new opportunities mutual communication and immediate reader feedback. However, as we have offered digital subscriptions before, we do not expand into totally new areas. But with the decision to make the only-digital subscription free for a certain time, we actively meet the challenges of the current digital world in general.

How can you enjoy these benefits? By clicking on this link, you will be asked to add you contact data for receiving our magazine as digital issue instead of printed issue. From then on you can read all future issue of NarrowWebTech as digital download immediately after publication. By doing this you will also receive our free weekly newsletter containing the latest relevant information from the world of self-adhesive labels and other narrow web products.

The printed issue of NarrowWebTech 2-2017 you can order as usual  issue printed or digital in the shop of G&K TechMedia.

Order now the printed issue of NarrowWebTech 2-17 in our shop! (Source: G&K)

However, it is most interesting for us to know your opinion about this move. Do you support this decision? Do you think this is a reasonable way to further develop an international magazine? Or do you share the view, that the printed issue will still be read more often than the digital issue? We are looking forward to receive your personal views to such basic questions.

Your feedback will also be sought for our extensive upcoming reader’s survey. We will soon start on our website as well as by email gathering your opinion as to the status-quo of the label industry. Questions that have arisen in our editorial team are for example “Are trade shows still necessary?”, “How relevant are open house events organised by individual companies?” or “How will the impact of digital printing further develop on our industry?”

You will be able to participate in our survey anonymously or be published with name and company – as you prefer – your e-mail is welcome! We are really looking forward to your feedback.

With this in mind,

Sincerely yours,

Rosina Obermayer
Editorial management

Rosina Obermayer

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