NarrowWebTech 2-2018: A dedicated focus on labels since 1998

Celebrating 20 years NarrowWebTech!

What to do you think might be your own personal link to labels? Is it a sticker for a scrapbook or a Panini album collected as a child, a gimmick within a sweetie? Or a bottle label with your own name on? A strong link to a narrow web product can exist, probably for each living person.

Before starting to work as editor for NarrowWebTech, labels were labels for me – not more, not less. Now, they are more than that and it is a topic about which I might talk for quite a while. Are there any persons in the label industry who do not stop at a supermarket wine rack and take a look at the different labels? Is it a self-adhesive or wetglue label? Paper-based, maybe a natural paper? How was it printed and embellished – hot-foil or coldfoil embossed? In case of haptic elements: Is it a result of embellished or generated by screen printing? A supermarket shelf, indeed, can attract quite some interest.


We did not yet talk about other narrow web products such as shrink sleeves or in-mould labelling or printed electronics, or about process steps like platemaking, print inspection or die-cutting. The list is endless – and that’s “only” for a topic like labels!

In 1998, twenty years ago, the magazine NarrowWebTech began initially as a supplement within its sister magazine Flexo & Gravure International, then, a year later, it was published as a standalone specialty magazine.

On this occasion we worked together with Leonhard Kurz, who sponsored its hot stamping foil SB Neon Design for a special anniversary label as well as with the German label printer VollherbstDruck (Source: G&K)


A special label to our 20th anniversary

On this occasion we prepared a whole lot of information for our readers: did you already spot the special 20-years NarrowWebTech label on the cover page? Yes? Then admire, for a moment, the light refractions of the material and and read in this post how this anniversary label was designed and produced – picture gallery included.

That’s it? Not at all! This anniversary issue of NarrowWebTech offers its readers in-depth reviews in terms of label printing and converting as well as a range of statements by press manufacturers and also personal comments by industry experts appreciating this magazine for many years (p. 44 to p. 65).

Not bad, you might say, but that’s it? Not really. A timeline showing the news items of the last 20 years complements this issue. Graham Backhouse from BPIF labels looks back in time (p. 42) and a historical outline relating to digital printing is also included (p. 38). Now that’s it, you might say? Almost! We provide a 20-years e-dossier with all relevant articles and comments in case you want to read our history of label production at a later point of time. This download will be available in our shop ( or click here to reach the download link directly. You can read it on a computer, a tablet or mobile phone or any other mobile device. It is even possible to download the pdf file and print it on paper – “conventional” if you may say so!

Also included in this issue is our “Digital Printing today” special with e.g. a look at the latest HP 6900, availabe as download for a little amount in our online shop – find more details in this post or download the digital printing special in our shop:!

As always as official media partner of BPIF labels we cover news from the British label assocation. This  section is available as free download – more details find here!

Is it not remarkable, how much there is to discuss about labels? For twenty years, the whole team of NarrowWebTech took great care to keep you up to date about what is going on in the industry. We will do exactly the same for at least the next twenty years!

Sincerely yours,

Rosina Obermayer
Editor NarrowWebTech

You can order the 20 years anniversary issue of NarrowWebTech, 2-2018, as usual as printed or digital version in the shop of G&K TechMedia.

NarrowWebTech 2-2018 is out now – download our May issue from now on in our shop! (Source: G&K)

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