NarrowWebTech 3-2018: “Change is a challenge, isn’t it?”

August issue of our label magazine NarrowWebTech is out now! Read the editorial by editor NarrowWebTech:

First sun and rain, alternating twice a day and then, almost six weeks of just hot and dry weather – so unsteady and unusual has this summer been in the whole of Europe. In comparison the development within the label industry seems to be steady. The growth rates are still steady – the latest FINAT Radar update reports a strong recovery since 2012. With a label stock demand of 7.45 billion square metres in 2017 the association states a growth rate of 4.7% for last year (average 5.4% over 2013 to 2016). Despite – or because – of this positive demand the label industry is never standing still.


It is always changing. Ongoing trends like automation, digitization, digital printing, increasing costs e.g. for raw material are constantly discussed at events and company visits worldwide. And the list of topics being discussed is endless: the ongoing approach from narrow web to mid web application, the lack of qualified trainees or environmental issues such as release liner waste handling or the increasing use of filmbased material.

Labelexpo Americas

Anyway, as editor of an international magazine all eyes are currently on the upcoming Labelexpo Americas. Although it is always in the shadow of its “big sister”, the Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, it has its reasons for taking place. It is the largest label show to be held in 2018, the biggest in North America anyway and, with more than 450 exhibitors it is not so far away from the exhibitor numbers of last year’s Brussels Labelexpo show. Reason enough to include a product preview of the US label show in this issue, starting from page 6 onwards. As always, online is much more likely for last minute news, so stay tuned about the label show on our website by visiting our Labelexpo category as well as our weekly newsletter.

[Editorial comment: Besides of publishing ongoing news on our website we publish an extensive product preview of the Labelexpo Americas 2018 – available as download in our online shop for free – visit our shop.]

A challenging industry

The label printing and converting industry has always been a challenging and ever-changing one. Even for “youngsters” like me being in the industry now for a few years, it is obvious that it is an industry which is able to react to developments and growing expectations from different sides.

However, label applications are everywhere around. They are an indispensable part of the consumers’ daily world, even if they are not aware of it. To talk, and to write about label production is never boring ing, because this never-ending change is always a great challenge, also for an editor.

Thus, being part of the label industry (NarrowWebTech is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018) means to be always in demand in order to stay competitive, to stay tuned and link with the aim of being successful in this dynamic industry. It is just a matter of time before more and more young people will recognize this thrilling fact and probably join us.

Sincerely yours,

Rosina Obermayer
Editorial management

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