NarrowWebTech issue 4-2018: “Cooperation and change – that’s it?”

Out now: NarrowWebTech issue 4-2018!

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In every issue, or almost every issue I write about change. A changing industry, quickly developing technologies, more and more ongoing consolidation, the blurring boundaries between narrow and mid web, and also, between labels and packaging. This time, I will write again about change, because it is so relevant for all of us, because the whole world is connected; I believe that you can’t be successful without change. Anyway, before that, the topic to talk about is cooperation. Within the industry, fortunately, the acceptance of working together is growing.

Need for cooperation


With the growing awareness that is necessary for cooperation, the invitations are coming in: to “label days” to visit a press manufacturer, a label print shop or also to an inhouse expo at a prepress printing plate supplier which a substrate supplier and a software developer are part of. It shows that cooperation is the future and that the industry is finally starting to realise this.

As always, there is more. The printing industry needs more young people. For this reason FINAT has launched its #Labelicious competition, with the aim to attract “fresh, creative and enthusiastic industry talent”. The whole NarrowWebTech team supports this project as our German sister magazine Etiketten- Labels does with the “Label Youngsters” from the German label association VskE. We all need to support this approach as it is more than necessary to attract the younger generation – and in this regard to work together to achieve this as early as possible. Anyway, how couldn’t we not recommend working in the label industry?

Digital is coming

Coming back to change. Indeed, the label industry is changing, especially within the “new” technologies like digital printing. The majority of supplier focus is on inkjet printing whether by working together with e.g. an inkjet printing press manufacturer or by adding this part of industry to its portfolio by consolidation or similar – change and cooperation in one place, if to say so. For sure, toner-based digital printing is still an issue, but inkjet is catching up. We will see how this cooperative and rapidly evolving industry segment.

However, our whole editorial team is still celebrating 20 years NarrowWebTech. If you have not already done so I recommend reading our small “History of label printing” available as a free download at shop.gk-techmedia. com (or click here to the direct download). Now that you have managed to read this editorial almost through to the end, you are probably an attentive reader. We are always curious: have we missed a topic? Which article interested you the most in this issue? What do you consider the most important in our weekly newsletter or maybe in our shop?

Let me know – I am looking forward to your email!

Sincerely yours,

Rosina Obermayer
Editorial management

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Out now: NarrowWebTech issue 4-2018!


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