Nilpeter –Hybrid UV curing system installed on three FA-4 presses

DENMARK • As the first press manufacturer Nilpeter installs GEW’s new ArcLED hybrid UV curing system. It will be installed on three FA-4 UV flexo presses, which are designed for high productivity of pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging.

Two of the FA-4 orders come from large American converters. The first ArcLED hybrid press was acquired by Flexible Technologies, based in Orem, Utah, USA. The second American company is Best Label Co, headquartered in Cerritos, California. A third press FA-4 with the hybrid curing system has been delivered to UK-based OPM Group.


The hybrid ArcLED system uses uniform lamp-head casings with interchangeable cassettes. It allows press operators to run with LED and mercury-arc curing units freely positioned on the press to suit specific printing and varnishing applications. GEW’s Rhino power supply automatically recognises individual cassettes and switches seamlessly between DC power for the LEDs or high-voltage AC for mercury-arc UV curing.

The ArcLED curing system is also an option for Nilpeter’s Panorama UV-InkJet digital press line. It receives its global debut at LabelExpo Europe in Brussels. This development integrates inline converting options adapted for full-colour digital printing. The Panorama DP-3 prints CMYK and opaque White at up to 50 m/min (164 fpm) to a maximum print width of 332 mm (12.67”).

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