Orbo Labels chooses Müller Martini to convert frozen food packaging

Some 95 percent of the products printed using the new web printing press are foils.

BELGIUM Orbo Labels, the Belgian converter, has installed a Müller Martini VSOP line to print LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) film for frozen food products at its manufacturing facility in Kortemark.  Surrounded by vegetable growers, Orbo has chosen to specialise in producing printed packaging for this local niche market, and had previously been using HDPE.  But, the switch to lighter weight LDPE, which offers a softer but thicker feel, required a switch in technology from its traditional flexo production.

Orbo found what it was looking for after visiting Muller Martini’s Print Technology Centre in Maulburg.  “We performed tests on the VSOP web offset press with 30-micron LDPE film, and the results were perfect. The print quality on the VSOP is as high as gravure, with the benefit that offset pre-press costs markedly lower,” commented Orbo Sales Manager, Rik Pappijn.

Following the successful trials, Orbo Labels installed a VSOP fitted with six offset units, and a flexo unit for opaque white and lacquer.  Currently, 95% of the products printed on the new VSOP are film, with a growing numbers of customers relying on the expertise of the Orbo, be it in double or triple laminates.  These are increasingly in demand because they prevent ink migration by printing on polyester or colour sealing by means of OPP (Oriented Polypropylene films).  “We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and are continuing to strengthen our position in this market segment,” said Pappijn, with pride.

Currently, Orbo Labels is using only four of its six VSOP offset units.  “We can produce all our products using the four process colours, and don’t need any specific Pantones,” explained Pappijn. “That means we never need to wash up between jobs, which saves a lot of time, and speeds up changeover between the various sizes on the VSOP.”

Orbo Labels, which holds BRC (British Retail Consumer) certification, benefits from two other advantages with the new VSOP.  First, its web width of 850mm, which provides a high degree of flexibility and productivity, and second, EB (Electron Beam) curing, which according to Pappijn is a perfect solution, as it prevents contamination and odour.

Nick Coombes

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