Oriel Printing Company: Targets Plastic Packaging Market with Color-Logic

UK Oriel Printing Company is the first certified Color-Logic printer to successfully use the Process Metallic Color System on plastic substrates.

Oriel Printing Company, based in Hull, East Yorkshire, gained its original Color-Logic certification more than a year ago, and has since adapted the process to polypropylene (PP) and clear recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).  A 24-hour trade printer serving the UK and Europe, Oriel produces high quality work across a wide range of material from carton boards to plastics.  Materials as thick as 1000 microns are routinely handled.

Color-Logic Director of Operations and eCommerce Dave Bowden commented:  “The ability to use the Color-Logic process on plastic will help brand managers differentiate their packaged products from the competition in a fraction of the traditional time and cost.  Oriel Printing provides brand managers and their designers with a color chart enabling them to produce 250 metallic colours using just five inks.  In addition, the Color-Logic Design Suite permits adding decorative effects in a mere fraction of the time required by traditional methods. This is the first time the Color-Logic process has been certified on plastic.”

Andreas Keller

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