Orthotec strikes again!

This Photo was taken in front of ORTHOTEC CFT3536 after installation

TAIWAN • Just three months after the installation of one of its CFT 3536 offset presses in Italy, Taiwanese manufacturer, Orthotec, has secured a second sale in Moldova.  The latest machine, which has rotary hot stamping and embossing facilities, will allow its owner to produce a variety of high quality wine labels.  The order also includes a DLL4040 die cutting and hot stamping unit.

The CFT 3536 is a semi rotary (translative) press with an adjustable impression cylinder and a special inking and dampening system that reduces ink consumption and waste, while maintaining high quality ink coverage.  The machine reflects the 30 years of experience the manufacturer has in building printing presses, most recently with servo drive.  Orthotec reports that further orders for the press are anticipated this year.

Nick Coombes

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