Download: eDossier “Narrow web gravure press for packaging production”

Download: eDossier "Narrow web gravure press for packaging production"

Around the turn of the century some of the leading gravure press manufacturers started to build presses with web widths of 700 to 850 mm (27.6” to 33.5”). This was basically to meet the demand for shorter run lengths in package printing. Today, gravure presses with web widths of between 300 to 600 mm (11.8” to 23.6”) are still a rarity. To use a larger press with high productivity is not a feasible answer from an economic point of view.

The RCL “Rotoshaftless” gravure presses have a print repeat range from 300 to 600 mm (11.8” to 23.6”) and use the electronic line shaft system, which allows very quick job changeovers and an automatic pre-register setting which results in nearly instant print register. These trolleyless presses use engraved printing cylinders without a through shaft and are secured by means of a chuck system. The whole printing group – printing cylinder, doctor blade holder (patented system) and ink supply – is located in a cassette drawer which is pulled out of the press during the job changeover. The cassette which has been removed is held by a built -in support device which also carries the ink tank and pump. The overall dimension of the press in an eight colour configuration with un- and rewinding units is about 15 metres (49.2 ft) in length.  Read the full article in our eDossier “Narrow web gravure press for packaging production”.

Since the “Rotoshaftless” press has no front side frame, accessibility is very good. It is built as a label press construction concept with a full surface back frame which is part of the base structure. This provides a sturdy and stable support which eliminates vibration for narrow web operation at high speeds. The printing groups are generally designed for two colours which increases the stability and makes it easier to add additional units at a later stage.

The whole press can be operated from the control panel with a touchscreen which is located on an overhead sliding rail in front of the press which allows the press to be run with one operator. The machine has two control stations near the first and the last printing unit and small control panels on each unit. In order to get more information, visit our shop to download the whole article for EUR 3,30.

The un- and rewinder can be designed as single reel stands or turret reel stands for reels with diameters of 800 to 1000 mm (31.5” to 39.4”) and offer automatic reel change facilities. The rewinder can also be supplied as a fully automatic flying splice central-surface type. Upon request, RCL also builds wide web reel un- and rewinders for web widths up to 1800 mm (70.9”) and also tension control devices and other parts which can be fitted into existing machines. The company has its own electronic department which can supply software to enhance press performance.

The RCL press can be used in the same way as the large web presses. However, the changeover times are much shorter and it is very cost effective for short runs and small size packaging jobs. Therefore, it can be an alternative for flexo presses and even digital print engines in this market segment as it offers the typical top quality of gravure printing. Read the full article and download now the eDossier “Narrow web gravure press for packaging production” for EUR 3,30.

Andreas Keller

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