Participate at our survey: What do you expect for 2019?

We want to know your opinion! Participate at our new survey amongst narrow web printer and converter!

Labelexpo Europe is coming in 2019: What do you as print shop expect for this year? Which trends and development will be relevant? Which plans do you have regarding investments and events? The editorial team of the label magazine NarrowWebTech is looking for your opinion by conducting once again a survey amongst label print shops and narrow web converter!

Annual survey amongst label printers and converters – Participate!

Your answers will be published in the printed issue 1-2019 of NarrowWebTech and / or online on Our aim is to give our readers a more detailed impression of the current status of the label printing and converting industry.


It would be great if you could answer four questions:

1) Looking back at 2018, what were the most important developments in terms of technology and production workflow to affect the label industry?

2) What do you expect for 2019? Which trends or developments will be relevant?

3) Which plans do you have for 2019, or in general, for the upcoming few years? Do you intend to invest in new equipment? If yes, which tendency do you have (conventional, hybrid or digital (inkjet/toner-based))?

4) Labelexpo Europe is coming: what is your expectation for the show in Brussels in September 2019?

Please keep your answer to each question within a 600-character limit (including spaces). We would like to publish the name, title and an image of the responding person in the February issue of NarrowWebTech or/and later online on as happened in 2018!

Please send your answers as soon as possible, the latest by the 17th January, by e-mail to Rosina Obermayer,, editor of NarrowWebTech.

You want to see former Surveys and how these look like? Take a look here: 

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