Rotocontrol: Partnering with collaborative projects

GERMANY. The manufacturer of leading-edge slitter/rewinder inspection machines has started a collaboration with F+V Automation, a German manufacturer specialising in mechanical engineering and automation solutions, to develop a series of finishing machines that combine the design and distribution expertise of both companies.

FastChange, a high-end fully automatic turret rewinder, is the first product of this joint partnership. F+V Automation focuses on automation and mechanical engineering to optimise manufacturing processes in the areas of converting and labels as well as the packaging and pharmaceutical industries.


Proven inhouse machine developments and process solutions such as controls, software, control cabinets, and drives are key strengths of F+V.

The FastChange 4-spindle turret rewinder impresses with its innovative control and drive concept, setting new standards in the finishingof self-adhesive labels MARCO AENGENVOORT, Managing Director of Rotocontrol comments: »Through close co-operation between the two companies, processrelated experiences along with expertise in design can be pooled into automation capabilities, which is evident in the successful design of the FastChange.

Future Rotocontrol/ Leomat and F+V Automation collaborative projects are planned to efficiently link the expertise of both companies and enhance the automation of finishing machines.«

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