Pirkanmaan Laatuetiketti: Listening to the operator

FINLAND. The label converter located in Ylöjärvi made the Nilpeter bell ring at Labelexpo Europe 2013 with their investment in a six-colour FB- 3300S with cold foiling capability, cross-over unit, hot air drying and UV curing.

The decision was made to follow the increasing demand in the Finnish market for more complex and value-added labels. This flexo press is Laatuetiketti’s second FBLine press. As a result, the company will now be able to widen its supply of labels with duplex coupons for foods and continue with different kinds of label materials and gummed paper.


Three entrepreneurs, who amongst them had accumulated almost 80 years of experience from the label converting industry, founded Laatuetiketti Oy six years ago. Back in October 2007, Laatuetiketti had one single customer – and one single press.

Co-owner Timo Rouvi explains, »When venturing into a new business start-up, there is nothing more important than making the right initial investment. We listened to our printers who strongly recommended to purchase a FB-3300 – which we did«.

With only one machine on the floor, the press reliability is of the absolute essence. »The FB-3300 is easy to operate and more importantly, we haven’t had any downtime in six years. This press is totally reliable. It does everything that we want it to do«, says operator Jaakko Ilmonen.

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