Primir: Tag and label study

USA. The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organisation, the research arm of NPES, has commissioned LPC of Austin, TX to conduct a new research study entitled »Tag & Label Printing Trends«.

The study, which will be completed midyear 2014, will provide a comprehensive assessment of the North American tag and label marketplace. It will examine trends for pressure sensitive labels, glue applied/cut and stack labels, shrink labels, non-pressure sensitive/nonshrink labels, in-mould labels, and tags in 11 distinct end-use categories such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.

While focused on North America, the study will reference current global trends as they impact the marketplace and include a detailed synopsis of the way these trends are influencing every level of the supply chain from brand owners to tag and label printers/converters, and industry suppliers.

The study will address printing process shifts/trends and will also provide benchmark data on tag & label shipments, including a separate breakout for exports, by format type. In addition to forecasts through to 2017, the study will also provide historical data from 2007–2012.


Andreas Keller

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