Process Label Systems: Upgrading to a Rotary Pro digital press

Colordyne 1600-PC Rotary Pro

USA In 24 months of utilising a Colordyne Technologies (CDT) 1600-PC Sprint digital label and tag printing press, Process Label Systems, (PLS) is upgrading its 1600-PC Sprint system to a Rotary Pro digital press. The Minneapolis, MN-based company is taking the next step with CDT in its digital printing processes with the addition of in-line finishing to its existing Production Class system.

»The decision to upgrade to the Rotary Pro was very easy as we always try to run our printing presses as efficiently as possible« said DAN SPAH, Production Manager for PLS.  »The ability to print digital labels, laminate or varnish, and die-cut them inline is one of the most critical points. More and more companies are going to digital technology and only a few digital presses can coat, laminate and die-cut in a single pass at the cost and speed the Rotary Pro can«.

Being a full-featured digital label and tag production system that offers complete in-line printing, laminating, varnishing (aqueous or UV), rotary die-cutting, slitting and rewinding, the Rotary Pro can provide its users with flexo-like print quality. The press prints at 1600 x 1200 dpi resolution with 1.2 picoliter aqueous ink droplets to most effectively deliver the look and feel of flexo printing, at print speeds of 160 fpm (49 m/min.) using Memjet technology.

Andreas Keller

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