Quicklabel/Astronova – First digital toner-based 5-colour CMYKW desktop label printer

Astronova's QL-300 prints toner-based color labels in five colors (Source: Astronova)

GERMANY • The company launches a digital, toner-based colour QL-300 label printer with five colours, including QuickLabel’s white.  Possible application are also high-UV-resistant “no-label-look” labels. According to the company it is the first five-colour CMYKW tabletop printer for printing roll-to-roll processing.

Astronova GmbH, the European headquarters for AstroNova, Inc., (RI, USA) is expanding its product identification portfolio with this new digital label press.


According to the copany, the printer has  a capability of printing five colours with 1200 dpi resolution, including white. According to Astronova printing in white allows direct printing on colored materials, such as black polyester or silver paper. This feature promises to ensure high readability when printing barcodes, also on transparent materials. Due to high scratch resistance of the print result the solution can also be used, e.g. in the chemical, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries.

The electrophotography printing system of the toner-based label printer uses a printing process in which the print image is transferred directly from a computer to the QL-300 without the need of time-consuming preliminary work. The print’s high resistance to oils, solvents, water and UV-rays on virtually all materials, makes the QL-300 a universal label printer suitable for all applications.

It can also print on a range of materials such as paper, metallized polyester or transparent material.

The printer has a printing speed of up to 152 mm/s and printing widths of up to 126 mm in order to allow different shapes and colour labels to be printed. The toner-based 5-color CMYKW printing system might also be used by brand owners and packaging industry.

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