Reynders: Teaming for more efficient colour management

BELGIUM. The label printing group and Colorbreeze are set to join forces to make the colour management system in the printshop more efficient. All production parameters that have an impact on colour predictability are to be charted objectively and measurably.

The idea is to arrive at more efficient production operations by checking and adjusting these parameters. Marc Reynders of Reynders Label Printing explains how his view of the successful label printshop of the future stands to benefit from working with Colorbreeze: »We have always taken the lead when it comes to technological developments in printing presses and production processes. We use the latest machinery and are always on the lookout for the right equipment to maintain that lead.

Colorbreeze will be helping us to better match people and machines on the basis of objective parameters. This should improve our productivity and sharpen our focus on colour quality and reproducibility. « Joris Mermans, Operations Manager at Reynders Label Printing, explains how the partners will act to mutually reinforce one another: »Colorbreeze has a lot of experience with implementing process standardisation in printshops. Together with our in-house specialists from the various departments, we will link both the flexo presses and our digital presses to objective measuring systems to increase productivity through statistical process analysis and improve our colour consistency even further.«

Colorbreeze’s Jan Verdonck is also convinced of the benefits to be gained from this collaboration: »We are committed to making processes reliable and predictable by providing insight into colour and making it measurable and controllable – because optimised production gives printshops a more efficient production process whilst bringing considerable cost savings.«


Andreas Keller

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