Rheintacho: A strobe for the printing industry

GERMANY Recently, the company engaged with Rotocontrol (manufacturer of high-speed inspection, cutting and rewinding finishing machines) to develop a customised stroboscope based on the original Rheintacho RT Strobe 3000 design. The result is a light-intense, long-lasting and compact stroboscope designed to meet the needs of converters utilising the technology for the finishing of labels and packaging applications. Taking the RT Strobe performance one step further they designed the customised RT-3015 alternative. The ability to switch input signals (internal/external control) was of critical importance to Rotocontrol. Also important was the elimination of ventilators, so failures caused by dust are prevented and the stroboscope is much more durable. This requirement is essential in the target industries. Additionally, the customised stroboscope was built with Rheintacho-designed bulbs that have an extra-long working life.


Andreas Keller

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