Siegwerk – With latest products and solutions at Labelexpo Europe

Raw material for colour production (Source: Siegwerk)

GERMANY • At the Brussels show Siegwerk presents its latest products and solutions. This includes the printing ink series in the Sicura ‘Nutri’ family for safe UV printing on food packaging and labels, the Sicura series for non-food packaging and labels, UV and LED process and the tool for mixed colors FastMatch.

The company also shows low-migration ink systems for UV flexo printing such as the Sicura Nutriflex 10 series (for labels) and the Sicura Nutriflex 20 series. The low migration series are suitable for labelling application in the food sector when it comes to color strength, reactivity and flow characteristics.

For the requirements placed on the UV offset series, their counterparts are Sicura Litho Nutriboard (for paper and selected foils) und Sicura Litho Nutriplast (for plastic). The company also sets some of the main standards in the area of packaging and labels for non-food products with the Sicura Flex 39-8 series for UV flexo printing and the Sicura Litho Plast SP series for UV offset.

FastMatch, a tool for mixed colors, is now becoming available for printers in EMEA. The tool lets printers use basic colors to create customer-specific formulations, and then mix the inks themselves. Siegwerk offers this new service in cooperation with the X-Rite group. Whenever printers require a customized color, they use an X-Rite measuring device connected to their computers to determine the color of the template. A Siegwerk online database then delivers the formulation for printers to mix themselves.


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