Smart Machineries and Moulds: Launches automatic blow moulding machine with auto de-flashing and In-mould labelling

Automatic blow moulding machine with auto de-flashing and In-mould labelling

GERMANY Smart launches automatic blow moulding machine with Auto De-flashing and In-Mould Labelling (AD+IML Series). According to Smart, the AD + IML Series machine has a low power consumption and a simple user friendly operation. With robust design and higher efficiency, these machines are suitable for producing HDPE, PP & LDPE containers with consistency and good quality.

According to Smart, due to consistent quality output with lower weights and fully automatic operation, smart AD + IML Series machines have great potential in the local as well as international market. Smart has been following stringent quality norms at all stages of pre-production, production, and post production, in order to deliver the impeccable range of machines at a very cost effective prices.

Auto de-flashing attachment can de-flash the product automatically online instead of doing it manually. This saves post operation and the necessity of skilled labour for this operation.

In mould labelling operation is further reducing the post operation of printing and also makes the product ready for delivery when it comes out of the machine. This not only save operation cost but lost of storage cost for the customer resulting in higher outputs along with saving in cost.

Andreas Keller

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