SMPA: Opting for solar energy

INDIA. The city of Sivakasi has been witnessing 14–16 hour power cuts which has resulted in total print production being reduced by 50%. A. BALASUBRAMANIAN, Past President of the Sivakasi Master Printer’s Association said, »Print units are unable to operate due to lack of power.

Sivakasi’s printing industry has taken a serious blow due to the power crisis in the state.« In such a grim scenario, two big print firms in Sivakasi – Lovely Offset Printers and Sel Jegat Printers Pvt Ltd – have opted for a solar energy project in their factory premises. Lovely has 100 kW capabilities, while Sel Jegat can generate 65 kW. K. SELVAKUMAR, Director of Lovely said, »We are embarking on the solar path in a small way. The issue is effective implementation.

If we can achieve it, we will enforce provisions such as solar power purchase obligation, which mandates assured minimum usage of the renewable energy. « The state government has announced the Tamil Nadu State Solar Energy Policy 2012 which targets establishment of 3000 MW of solar power generation by 2015, provides generation-based incentives for roof-top systems. V.S. RAVEENDRAN of Sel Jegat Printers stated, »Ours is a small experiment with solar energy. We can light-up our factory with it.«

Andreas Keller

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