Soma Engineering: AP Graphics is agent for French speaking territories

Mr Patrick Fraenkel, MD of AP Graphic

CZECH REPUBLIC Soma has announced the appointment of AP Graphics as the company’s agent for France and its French speaking territories.  The appointment was marked at the recent Colloque de l’emballage Souple organised  by the French publication Etiq & Pack where AP Graphics presented the new Optima flexographic printing press from Somas.  Over 87 attendees assembled for the event which included key companies from France and the International printing and flexible packaging community.

Described as the “automatic flexo press” the company explained how the Optima enables the production of very short runs with fast changeovers and reduced material waste through fully automated job settings and a completely new design concept. All press features are focused on short variable print runs to meet current end user demands without sacrificing print quality, endorsing the general message that while digital printing is a growth area in flexible packaging, it does not replace the flexo printing process.

In terms of design, the unwinding and rewinding systems on the Optima are located outside the printing unit modules. This allows the option of choosing any unwind/rewind configuration and inline upstream or downstream printing and converting mode. For example, primer coating before print, lacquer coating after print, reprint, adhesive coating, lamination, etc. In addition, the unwinding and rewinding systems can be located in ‘face-to-face configuration’ where the parent roll and finished reels are handled in the same area.

Based in Paris, AP Graphics represent a number of key manufacturers and offer a sales and support service covering the supply of printing plates, papers, films and label materials as well as narrow and wide web presses, laminators and label finishing systems.

Located in Lanskroun, Czech Republic, Soma Engineering designs and manufactures printing and converting machines for a wide variety of industries.


Andreas Keller

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