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Take part at our survey amongst the die-cutting industry

Are you working within the die-cutting industry? Then your participation is required! We, the editorial team of NarrowWebTech, are attempting to find out what the current die-cutting industry looks like. Which challenges are the most relevant ones? It would be great if you could take the time to answer only four questions!


  1. Where are the current challenges for the die-cutting of labels?
  2. We are living in a digitized production world, which system is, in your opinion, the most suitable for the modern single-pass label printing (rotary/laser)?
  3. In general: what do you prefer for certain applications? (Semi) rotary die-cutting or laser die-cutting?<
  4. Laser die-cutting is a rather new technology: where do you see the opportunities and limitations of this process?

The answers will be published in the August issue, 3-2018, of NarrowWebTech and/or online on our website NarrowWebTech is the leading global English language magazine covering narrow web printing market.

 Please keep your answer to each question within a 600-character limit (including spaces).

 We would like to publish the name, title and a photograph (min 300 dpi) of the responding person in the upcoming issue of NarrowWebTech or/and online on!

Please return your answers by the 3rd August 2018,
to NarrowWebTech editor Rosina Obermayer (

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

The editorial team of NarrowWebTech looks forward to hear from you soon – if possible not later than 13th July 2018!


Rosina Obermayer

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