The FINAT Label Awards 2018 go to…

(Source: G&K TechMedia)

The European Label Forum (ELF) is hosted by FINAT and takes place once a year. Its programme extends over three days and offers a source of knowledge, experience and networking key to the strategic success of label businesses. During the FINAT Label Awards Ceremony 2018 the following companies were honored:


  • The “Best in Show” and the “Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner” award goes to Multi-Color Corporation North America Wines & Spirits for the “Sidewinder Spirits” Label.
  • The “Printing Processes Group Winner” is “Inform Etiketten GmbH Co. KG Germany” for “Spirituosenausstattung Edelbrände”.
  • The “Non-Adhesive Group Winner” is “IPE, Industria Grafica, Spain” for “Maxim’s Noel 2017 Champagne”.
  • The “Innovation Group Winner” is “Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany” for “Color Laser Film with a Fingerprint”.
  • The “Digital Printing Group” winner is “Etiketten CARINI, Austria” for “Lemberger Gin”.

More details, pictures and the explanation by the judges you can find in this post!

Samples of the winning entries are further available on twitter:

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