The Linerless Trail – Ultimate gathering for linerless labels breakthrough

BRUSSELS • At Labelexpo Brussels, Henkel/Novamelt, Appvion, Evonik, Maan Engineering, MPS, Ricoh, Ravenwood Packaging and Bostik are joining forces as precursors of the linerless technology. The Linerless Trail has been established to introduce visitors with the linerless technology; from basic materials till processing and everything in between. In addition, it gathers attention to the benefits of the linerless technology to stimulate the application of the technology.

The foundation of the Linerless Trail lies in the cooperation between the various parties in the label industry. Together they promote linerless labels, which can be used for skinpack, C-labelling and scale labelling, but due to the wide variety of linerless dispensers other labels also belong to the possibilities. The advantages of linerless labels are: no liner waste, more labels on a roll, fewer roll changes in the process and transportation benefits. Additionally linerless labels can be cut by the dispenser at any desired length. As a result, each label can have its unique length, depending on the amount of information on the label. Therefore, linerless labels is the solution for companies who see aspects of sustainability and Zero Waste as important.

Armin Karl Geiger

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