Thomas Graphics: First step in expansion plan

Thomas Graphics - first step in expansion plan

DENMARK. Established in 2007 the company provides synthetic polymer films in any width and quantity, and is committed to assist narrow-web converters. This includes material selection, cost and process optimisation, and improving sustainability.

To this end the company stocks a wide range of polymer based films, including synthetic papers, which are used as unsupported material for tags and as facestock material for adhesives, lidding films and printable rigid films for fresh food packaging, wrap-around films, over-laminates, etc.

The company also offers toll slitting and rewinding services with a 24–48 hours cycle time. An increasing number of enquiries from Great Britain have now led Thomas Graphics to open a dedicated operation, spearheaded by Jonathan Park. »We look forward to building partnerships with narrowweb converters, similar to the partnerships Thomas Graphics has been establishing with Scandinavian and European customers«, he said.

»Opening a facility in Great Britain is only the first step in our European expansion plan. The next step is to establish a similar facility in Germany within the next 12 months to assist our increasing number of Central European customers in expanding their business beyond conventional labels «, concludes Nanett e Thomas.

Recently Thomas Graphics formed a strategic alliance with Polish film manufacturer Eurocast, managed by former Gerhardt CEO Klaus Damberg, with the aim of providing customised solutions for the narrow- web industry.

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