Top Ten Label News 2017

What did our readers interested the most in 2017? Which acquisition, product launch or event – covered this year on – was the most interesting one? NarrowWebTech sums up, which news did generate the most interest throughout the whole year!

Label News 2017 – Top Ten

1) All4Labels – Third largest label and package printing company formed


2) Labelexpo Europe 2017 Preview

3) Constantia Flexibles – Will they divest its label business?

4) Bobst/Radex – Launch of Mouvent digital printing presses (including picture gallery)

5) Labelexpo 2017 – Picture gallery of the label show in Brussels

6) FINAT Europen Label Forum – Review with picture gallery

7)  Labelexpo 2017 – A random choice of videos

8) FINAT Europen Label Forum – Label and recycling awards ceremony 2017

9) FINAT Label Competition 2017 – Picture gallery of jury meeting

10) Mark Andy – Picture gallery of open house event

Source: Google Analytics / G&K TechMedia

An acquisition is at the very beginning of this “Top Ten Label News 2017” list:  “All4Labels” which was formed this year. Further large companies are within the Top Ten: Constantia Flexibles as well as Mouvent, launched this year by Bobst and Radex. Digital printing is, for sure, an still relevant issue and in my opinion, its importance will even increase.

However, also events such as Labelexpo Europe and Finat European Label Forum did have relevant impact for NarrowWebTech readers. Six of ten articles are covering either the important label show, awards or the European Label Forum by FINAT. At the very end, a trend is once again confirmend: events by machine suppliers are more and more relevant for the label and package printing industry. Let’s see, which articles we will found in this list in 2018!

So, what do you think, which developments and event were relevant in 2017? Which trends, lines or events will have impact onto the label printing and converting in 2018? Give us your opinion by participating at our annual survey – more details read in this post. Or write an e-mail to NarrowWebTech editor Rosina Obermayer (

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