Training Day at FOCUS Machinery hailed a success

Claus Nielsen demonstrates the Flexo Wash unit to delegates at the recent BPIF Labels Association ‘Operator Training Day’.

BPIF Label Association’s recent operator training day, entitled ‘Successful plate mounting, cylinder preparation and die-cutting’ was held at FOCUS Machinery, where John Bambery and Anthony Cotton welcomed the 20 delegates.

Dean Morris of RotoMetrics began proceedings with an overview of the company’s cylinder manufacturing, the processes employed, and the companies supplied.  He highlighted the various cylinder coatings that are available, and those that give greater accuracy and image repeatability.  With the advances in HD Flexo, he said it is becoming increasingly important to have accurate cylinder repeat lengths.


Bob Drew of Lohmann Tapes then outlined the history of mounting tape and the variety of specifications that give the best print quality.  He listed the different substrates used in the manufacture of the tape, and gave an insight into the advantages of each.  And then, staying on plate to press, Nigel Heaford presented his company’s latest plate mounting technology, which moves the skill from the operator to the machine.  This gives improved repeatability, reduces damage to plates, increases machine uptime, and improves quality.

Dean Morris returned to talk about RotoMetrics’ magnetic cylinders, magnetic dies, solid dies and special effects.  With the emphasis on good housekeeping and maintenance, he said that Rotometrics was often engaged by converters and printers to audit their stock of print and magnetic cylinders as well as tooling, and he illustrated significant cases where poor housekeeping and maintenance had resulted in many thousands of GBPs being written off.

The afternoon session gave the operators hands-on experience of Heaford’s plate mounter and Flexo Wash’s automatic plate washer, shown by Claus Nielsen, as well as the opportunity to see the effects of good plate mounting and registration on the two FOCUS presses available.

The next Operator Training day, which will feature ‘SPOTLESS in Action’, will take place at the MPS showroom in October/November, with presentations from MPS, Reproflex 3, Kodak, and Paragon Inks.  For full details of all presentations and events, please contact:

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