Ulrich Etiketten – Speeding up with the Xeikon CX3

At Labelexpo Europe, Ulrich Etiketten invested in the officially launched Xeikon CX3 digital label printing system

BELGIUM • During Labelexpo Europe, Xeikon generated much interest following the official launch of the new Xeikon CX3 digital printing systems for labels. Based on the Cheetah technology it offers a printing speed ranging to 30 m/min (98.4 fpm). Austrian label company Ulrich Etiketten is among the first to invest in this new print engine.

In addition to its conventional fleet of 16 modern high-performance UV rotary presses, Ulrich Etiketten’s digital printing department now operates three digital presses, two of which come from Xeikon. To make optimum use of the high speed of the Xeikon CX3, the company plans to use it primarily for the most popular label materials such as coated paper and glossy polypropylene film. Any kind of pre-treatment is not required.

“This expansion of capacity shifts our break-even in digital printing to longer print runs,” says Rainer Ulrich, who is running the company together with his cousin graduate Florian Ulrich as CEO of Vienna-based Ulrich Etiketten. “Before, the profitability threshold for digital was about 100,000 labels, but now we can cost-effectively produce between 200,000 and 300,000 labels with digital printing, depending on size.”

Armin Karl Geiger

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