Univacco Technology: Cold foil application for anti-counterfeit

Double counterfeit protection using cold foiling

TAIWAN Univacco presents a design suggestion for double counterfeit protection. The Taiwanese foil-stamping company suggests to first use an unglued label as the base material and to print the label’s reverse side with a silver hologram cold foil. The next step involves, printing deep colour on silver or silver hologram cold foil. Subsequently, apply transparent holographic cold foil as the final printing layer. Finally, coat with adhesive and laminate with release film.

Such a two-layer cold foil finished label is suitable for glass bottles or other transparent beverage and cosmetics containers. Two different images, shown from front metallic side (silver cold foil appearance) and inner security side (transparent cold foil effect), can be detected by the end-customers. This enhances the anti-counterfeit level and helps end-customers’ products’ stand out on store shelves.



Instead of using silver lamination film-finished paper, printers can choose transparent film as a base material, then apply transparent holographic cold foil (CF2.2 transparent) on the selected design area. The next step involves printing deep colour to enhance transparent hologram cold foil performance, and then apply silver cold foil (CF4.6H1) on the whole surface to create a solid-area metallic gloss effect. Once these two cold foil printing processes are finished, printers can treat another holographic cold foil, CMYK and varnish it. The combination effects from the above multiple layers will create advanced security effects, called double anti-counterfeit.



The company joined forces with Flint group to work on an anti-counterfeit technology. The technology involves 3 printing layers: silver over-printable cold foil (CF4.6H1), CMYK printing (Flint Flexocure Force) and transparent holographic cold foil (CF2.2 transparent HU1T). The labels are then laminated with OPP film for an anti-scratch function and glossy appearance.




Univacco and Flint Group work together on anit-counterfeit products
Univacco and Flint Group work together on anit-counterfeit products

Jerry Huang
Manager at Univacco Technologies Inc.

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