Xeikon – Support of Foundation Against Cancer

BELGIUM •  Xeikon supports the Belgium charity Foundation Against Cancer by supplying – either directly or via its customer printers – free printed communication produced on its digital printing systems. These communication tools would eat into a budget that can now be better utilised for research or patient support. The tools, being supplied by Xeikon, simply make more money available for the foundation’s missions.

Cancer affects more than 65,000 people annually in Belgium. Founded in 1924 to fight against cancer, the Foundation Against Cancer funds scientific cancer research and provides information and social support to people with cancer and their families. It is also active in the field of cancer prevention and detection as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It is funded primarily by donations and bequests from individuals and in 2014 it received EUR 29.3 million in revenues, of which EUR 16.6 million went to support scientific research. The Foundation spent more than EUR 4.2 million in psychosocial or material assistance and EUR 4.9 million on information and health promotion.

Armin Karl Geiger

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