Dieter Arabin – visionary engineer and entrepreneur

Dieter Arabin (1949-2016)

GERMANY • On August 12, 2016 our long-standing business partner and friend Dieter Arabin suffered a fatal accident, through no fault of his own, while engaging in his beloved hobby, the restoration of old motorbikes and sidecars and motorbike races.

The relationship between the Gallus Group, the Rüesch family and Dieter Arabin, or rather the Arabin family, began in the early 1990s. Gallus became aware of the company Arsoma (Arabin Sondermaschinen), which was founded and managed by Dieter and Siegfried Arabin, through its innovative printing press solutions for the then still very new flexo printing process. Both sides recognised the potential benefits of a possible collaboration. In 1992, a partnership was set up in the form of a financial stake, which led in 1998 to the full takeover of Arsoma Druckmaschinen GmbH by the Gallus Group. Even after the takeover of their company by Gallus, the relationship and partnership between Dieter and Siegfried Arabin and Gallus remained close, friendly and cooperative.

Dieter – along with his brother Siegfried – made a lasting impression on the development of Gallus and the label-printing industry, in many different ways. This includes the Gallus EM 280 machine platform, the first modular platform machine (Gallus EM series) and his vision of a highly automated and user-friendly, fully servo-driven machine, which would represent a new milestone in the label-printing industry and which subsequently came to the market as the Gallus RCS.

We would like to pay tribute to a great man and a great friend, and are grateful for our many memorable encounters with him. The hearts of his former employees and colleagues go out to his wife Maria, his sons, his brother Siegfried and all his family.

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