Xeikon – Founder Lucien De Schamphelaere passed away

Lucien De Schamphelaere, founder of Xeikon ,passed away at the age of 85 (Source: Xeikon)

THE NETHERLANDS • The company today announced that its founder Lucien De Schamphelaere passed away on 20 January at the age of 85. De Schamphelaere founded Xeikon in 1988.

Lucien De Schamphelaere was born on 3 April 1931 in Gijzenzele, Belgium. In 1988, after a 40-year career with Agfa-Gevaert, he established the limited liability company, Ellith NV. That name was soon changed into Xeikon NV, the composition of the Greek words “xeros” (dry) and “eikon” (image).


At the age of 67, De Schamphelaere retired from his position as chief executive officer and in 1998, he left the presidency of Xeikon. He received a range of distinctions for his work in the graphics industry, including the GATF-award, the IS&T Award and the prestigious Cary Award (1997).

Over his whole career, he remained socially engaged, he was involved in his local parish and supported charities such as the ‘Rijsactie’ to help local missionaries.

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