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AB Graphic International – Herma self-adhesive materials and HP printing technology for label sample book

New laser die-cutting system Digilase S3 by AB Graphics (Source: AB Graphics / Herma)

GERMANY • Using Herma self-adhesive materials and HP printing technology, AB Graphic International has produced a new sample catalogue containing abstract and highly complex label shapes. The sample book marks the launch by AB Graphic of the redesigned laser die-cutting system Digilase S3.

To make best possible use of the scope afforded by the new Digilase S3, selecting an appropriate adhesive material is very important – in particular as regards uniform adhesive application. Fluctuations of around plus/minus 3 grams per square metre are not at all unusual, which can give rise to variances of as much as 15% with the quantities of adhesive that are generally applied. For laser die cutting especially, such inconsistencies can trigger unsatisfactory results when removing the cutting waste. Even for standard adhesives, Herma guarantees application tolerances of just plus/minus 1.5 grams per square metre. “Herma’s variety of self-adhesive materials we used delivered outstanding results with our HP Indigo ElectroInks printed on the HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press and the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press,” states Teresa Baena, Pre Sales technical consultant for HP Indigo Labels & Packaging at the HP Experience Center Barcelona.

The redesigned Digilase S3 is characterised by supreme precision, job changeover on the fly, and efficiency. According to the company, in ideal circumstances the laser delivers the exact amount of energy required to blast away both the substrate and the adhesive layer without damaging the liner.


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