adphos – New aLITE technology for “direct to shape printing” at drupa 2016

The aLITE technology by adphos offers new opportunities in 3-D printing

GERMANY • The German company launches the aLITE technology (advanced Light Initiated Thermal Emission) at drupa 2016. It is based on an area-focussed, high intensity energy source, to allow instantaneous thermal processing. Thus water based or solvent based coatings can be instantly dried or even cured, which is a mandatory requirement to overcome the present application barriers to coating applications in “direct to shape printing”. Today these applications are typically performed by integration of label-printed solutions into the industrial production process.

aLITE also allows the performing of inline drying and sintering of functional coatings applied by inkjet or aerosol, as necessary, for cost competitive 3D-production of 3-D components.Typically these are only processed today in hot air ovens, mostly offline in standalone production units, requiring much space and much time.


For 3-D additive manufacturing processes, higher speed, more focussed local melting of plastic and even metal powers can be achieved with aLITE offering advantage if applied to laser or infrared based 3-D processing. The technology can be integrated/adapted into existing handling and automation units or robots, since only the small focusing processing head has to be adapted there. The LITE-source and power control unit are separated from this, and the continuous energy transfer is achieved through a wavelength dependent flexible light tube.

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