Afinia Label – Mid-run digital label printer L701 introduced

Afinia Label L701 colour label printer for mid runs (Source: Afinia Label)

USA • Afinia Label launches the L701 color label printer, the company’s lowest initial cost label printer with Memjet Techology. The L701 is the newest addition to Afinia’s family of products. With the new full-colour printer the manufacturer aims to offer the speed and performance of Memjet in a new, smaller and more affordable configuration.

This full-colour printer can print directly to inkjet-printable, die-cut labels and tag stock. The L701 supports printing roll-to-roll, roll-to-cut—with the option of printing and presenting the label—and can accept fanfold stock for applications where space is at a premium. The L701’s five (CMYKK) 150ml capacity ink cartridges offer convenience and economy over smaller systems on the market, and can produce labels in full-color, with photo-quality, at print speeds up to 40 fpm (~ 12 m/min).


According to the company, the price point of this printer allows customers to experience the benefits of Memjet technology, including high speeds and high print quality, while minimizing their initial investment. This is opening the door for smaller brands and multiple-printer applications, such as in in-plant manufacturing, to new opportunities in labeling.

Mike Atkins, National Sales Manager for Afinia Label. “The L701 fits a perfect price point between the low volume, economy priced color label printers, and the high volume, production-level printers on the market. This combination of speed and economy will enable manufactures across many industries to implement full color label printing across multiple production lines.”

The L701 is currently available through Afinia Label’s worldwide network of dealers.

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