Agfa Graphics – New upgrades to Arziro security printing ecosystem

BELGIUM • Agfa Graphics has released new versions of two elements within its Arziro ecosystem for the general security printing market.  Arziro Design 3.0  offers new security design features and integration with Arziro Authenticate 2.0 – the updated version of Agfa Graphics’ encrypted distribution platform.

According to the company pushing the boundaries of novel design, complexity and discretion, the Arziro ecosystem is capable of outsmarting forgers while streamlining the design process and production workflows of certificates, breeder documents, security cards, labels, stamps, vouchers, tickets, packages and more. The newest upgrade – Arziro Design 3.0 – offers full integration with Arziro Authenticate 2.0 as well as enhanced compatibility and functionality.


Arziro Authenticate 2.0 is combining a QR code with a secure graphic which enables to check the authenticity of a design, document or solution by scanning its code via a smartphone. This is facilitating at the same time the product owner to receive insightful user data in the process. Arziro Authenticate 2.0 includes additional functionality for driving customer engagement, e-commerce and supply chain management (track & trace) but also the possibility to create hybrid codes. For these hybrid codes, the security elements are printed in offset, flexo or gravure and the serialization elements are printed during a separate process with a digital printer such as an industrial inkjet printer.

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