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Allen Datagraph – New digital printing and finishing systems

The iTech Spectrum LED toner digital label printer features a new white toner option

USA • At Labelexpo Americas, the company featured its latest digital press, the iTech Centra 5 LED toner label printe for printing white along with a full complement of CMYK. This means that any designer is given full reign to print full graphics, including contone (photo) images, on a wide assortment of label substrates. It is capable of printing full color CMYK with a dense, white underprint on clear and colored substrates, or a white overprint for graphic elements. The iTech Centra 5 can print CMYK at 50 fpm (15 m/min) or CMYK plus White at 41 fpm (12.5 m/min) on roll stock up to 12.5″ (318 mm) in width. According to Allen Datagraph, the single pass technology offers accurate colour registration and provides vibrant colours.

Also on show, the iTech Spectrum LED toner digital label printer featured a new white toner option. This option lets converters print with flood white on clear or colored substrates, allowing the colours to pop. White can also be used for a graphic element to stand out on the page. The white option will allow the user to easily switch between CMYK or CMYW printing. This narrow web system is capable of printing up to 25 fpm (7.6 m/min), in part due to an improved, straight-through paper path. High quality labels are assured at 600dpi x 1200 dpi. It is capable of printing on either pre-die-cut or continuous roll substrates. It prints on most standard pressure sensitive paper substrates, which are typically half to a third the cost of inkjet substrates. White, metallic and clear polyester films are also available.

The roll-to-roll iTech Centra HS digital label finisher can laminate and contour-cut labels of any size and shape on-demand, without a die. It also strips the waste matrix and slits to dual rewinds enabling finished labels to be hand or machine applied. The 30 fpm (9 m/min) speed of the ADSI iTech Axxis XL digital label 8.5” (216 mm) finisher can laminate, cut without the need for dies, strip, slit, and re-wind labels at speeds of 30 fpm (9 m/min). It does so by using a vacuum accumulator technology. Rather than relying on gravity or mechanically assisted accumulators, the media rides along a “pillow of air”, its motion, constantly monitored by an array of LEDs and sensors, thus creating a smoother, faster transport mechanism.


Armin Karl Geiger

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